The Historical Perspective – The Origin

Established, owned, and operated by the Catholic Church of Liberia, Cathedral Catholic School emerged from St. Patrick’s School. In 1939, Dr. John Collins (after whom Bishop John Collins Teachers College and Bishop John Collins Clinic, Logan Town are named) established St. Patrick’s School where Cathedral School is now located. Somewhere between 1951 and 1953, St. Patrick’s School was transferred to the Sinkor Campus now occupied by Don Bosco Polytechnic. Meanwhile, the Ashmun Street campus served as and was known as St. Patrick’s Elementary School.

However, after sixteen unbroken years of serving as a feeder school for St. Patrick’s High, CCS severed the academic umbilical cord and gained her independence under Sr. Joanita and the Bernardine Sisters in 1968.

Regardless of its short history as a junior high school, Cathedral School has reaped the experience of a succession of renowned administrators. These include Sr. Joanita, who served until December 1972; Sr. Mary Laurene, January – July 1973; Sr. Bernadine, August 1973 – December 1976; Sr. Francella, January – December 1977; Sr. Rose Gabriel, January 1978, who met her untimely death in September of that same year. Remarkably, before she died, she initiated the gradual elevation of this school to the high school level by adding the tenth grade in 1978.

To complete Sr. Rose Gabriel’s term, Sr. Bernadine administered for the second time the affairs of Cathedral up to the end of 1978.

In 1979, Prof. Stephen Thomas became principal. He served in this capacity up to 1996. During his tenure, a number of significant developments, both infrastructural and otherwise occurred. These included the renovation of the “old church” to allow Cathedral to continue its expansion to the high school level. It was during his tenure that Cathedral became a full-fledged high school and graduated its first students in 1980.

After the April 6, 1996 fracas, Mr. Siewon Nagbe, current deputy education secretary of the Catholic Education Secretariat, served for a year as principal. At this time, the special ties between the Cathedral School Alumni Association of North America were duly established.

This relationship has yielded significant results during the time of subsequent administrations, including those of Julius Sekle (1997–1999), Prince Andrews (1999–2001 ), Timothy K. Kie, (2001 – 2005), and the incumbent Michael Clarke.

This special relationship between the Alumni Association and their alma mater has resulted into a well-stocked library, relatively well equipped science and computer labs, a vibrant financial assistance program, sports materials, and the provision of audiovisual and other educational materials.

We therefore urge you all to keep this bastion of knowledge and cultural heritage intact and upright by becoming role-players in the CSAA.