Agatha Joseph, National President
Member of Alawah, Class of 1988.
CSAA of the organization member since 1996.

Letter from the President - 11/22/19

Letter from the President - 11/22/18


Ramses Nah, Executive Vice President

Member of Corcha, Class of 1983


Cleopatra Benjamin, Vice President for Membership

Class of 1986, Vikings
Served as CSAA Texas Representative to CSEF
Served as CSAA Texas Chapter Co-Chair, Convention 2007


Gwendolyn Woods Wilson, National Secretary
Class of 1992 - 1993, Sapient
CSAA Texas Chapter - Financial Secretary
Sapient Class President - August 2019 - present


Tanya Debblay-Burrell, National Financial Secretary

E-Business Consultant/Program Management
Project Management, Wells Fargo Corporation by profession.
Member of Class of 1986.
CSAA of the organization member since 1996.
Secretary from 2009 – 2013, Financial Secretary 2014 – present.


Joyce Sakor, National Treasurer
National Treasurer, 2003-Current
National Treasurer, 1999-2001
Class of ‘ 83


Fr. Urey Mark, Chaplain
Class of 1992-3, Member of the Sapient.
Became National Chaplain in 2011- present.



Thelma Crusoe-Holmes, Educational Foundation Chairwoman
Chair - Cathedral School Educational Foundation (CSEF)
President - Class of 84’ (Zodiac) 2014 - Current
Vice President - GA Chapter 2013 - Current